Saturday, December 31, 2011

Follow up on 2011's goals

1. Grow closer to God and continue to seek him more
This year was full of ups and downs, but the trials are what have made me learn to trust God more than I ever have. When I let go and let God, He does things better than I ever could have!

2. Read one book per month
Well, I was doing pretty good at this one, but then we moved and found out we were pregnant and let's be honest, got cable back! So I read several books this year, but probably not 12 books

3. Watch less TV
We got rid of our cable for a few months this year, but when we moved into our house we decided to get it back. I have watched less TV this year than previous years, but I would prefer to watch even less.

4. Exercise more (20 minutes 3 times a week)
HA! I have decided that I hate working out... There are weeks when I have done really good, but most weeks not so much.

5. Finish a couple of scrapbooks that I have started
Again, HA! I completely forgot this was on my list!

6. Blog more often (and write in my personal journal more)
Yes, I would say I have done really good on this one. I more than doubled the amount of post from last year!

7. Pay off debt (I won't say how much and we won't be able to pay it all off this year, but that is a five year goal to be debt free)
TWO loans paid off this year!! All while still continuing to pay on all of our other loans... so we are getting it done. The goals is to be debt free in less than 4 years!

8. Volunteer more
Joel and I did some volunteer work this year.

9. Eat out less, meal plan more
Semi successful on this front...We did good until I found out I was pregnant, but not because we were pregnant. I was just too tired to cook!

10. Date night with Joel at least once a month. (This has to be a goal because his schedule is so crazy it won't happen otherwise)
We have had several date nights in and we have gone out lots with friends. At the mid year follow up we hadn't gone out just the two of us very often, but the second half of the year we made time for it!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's Addicting!

We paid off another student loan!! Buying a house slowed us down a little, but we are back on track!! We are hoping to get at least one more paid off before the baby comes! It feels SOOOOO good to pay it off! It makes me want to keep going!!

2 down, 11 to go

Monday, December 26, 2011

12 weeks

how far along?  12 weeks
how are you measuring?  12 weeks
size of baby? According to the  Baby Bump app on my phone our baby is about the size of a plum 2.1 inches and the weighs about .49 oz.
heartbeat?   166 bpm (at our 8 week appointment)
total weight gain/loss? 0lbs
maternity clothes? Only maternity jeans
sleep? Sleeping good, ready to be back in my own bed. Life just isn't the same sleeping in someone else bed.
best moment this week?  Christmas! We got lots of great things for the baby from my in laws... including money to put towards a crib. Can't wait to pick one out after the new year.
movement? Not yet.
food cravings/aversions? Nothing really this week. 
gender predictions? Can't wait to find out. My doctor said this week that we will find out at my 20 week appointment. February!!
what i miss: This week I have really missed caffeine.
what i'm looking forward to: New Years!
how are you feeling? This week I have been feeling great.
pregnancy moments: Getting stuff for Christmas for the baby. I think half the gifts under the tree were for Baby Howard.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's a Cowboy Christmas!


"Christmas" Day

**Warning long post ahead**

We celebrated Christmas with Joel's family in Florida this year. Our "Christmas" day was actually on Thursday because its the only day everyone could get together.

We started the day by going to ICE at the Gaylord Palms Hotel. This year's theme was "Shrek the Halls". It is so amazing to see what creative people can do with a block of ice.

I am glad God designed us to all have different talents so that I can enjoy cool things like this. If it were up to me we would all be looking at Excel spreadsheets. lol

Jesse and Bethany


Joel sliding down the ice. I opted not to slide this year...

 Even my MIL and FIL out in on the action

Jesse being goofy! It is so hard to get a picture of him.

My MIL (Donna) and FIL (Daniel)

David and Hannah (the smart ones that brought hats)

Joel and I joking around

What I call the original 6 - Mom, Dad, and the 4 boys

And ICE always end with a Nativity Scene

After ICE we headed over to Kobe's Steakhouse to enjoy dinner.

After ICE we picked cousin Jonathan up from the airport and he joined us for the rest of the evening.

Our volcano erupting

 And of course, enough rice for 10 people!

After a yummy dinner we headed home to have dessert and open presents! You have to know my BIL David to appreciate how funny this is, it's totally him!

We all sat around and sang a couple of Christmas carols before we actually started opening. Once again I am thankful for talented people like Benjamin who can play guitar (and violin and piano for that matter)!

Of course the first gift was for Baby Howard!

It says "I miss my favorite Uncle David". It is a newborn size and looks so tiny, especially up next to David.

The pile next to the table is the baby's, notice it's the biggest?

 Keep in mind David is 6'3"

This is my FIL opening his big gift. It goes through the series of him getting hyped up by his boys, trying to figure out what it says, and then realizing what it says.

 Joel actually cried when his dad opened it! I thought it was so sweet, but his brothers will never let him live it down. Joel blamed me because I cry so much!

In case you can't read what it says: "Roger Staubach HOF '85"

It was a great time and a great Christmas!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Go Karts!

Before we left for Florida I found a Groupon deal for a Go Kart track not far from where my in laws live. I figured Joel and his brothers would love it and us girls could have fun too. It included 11 laps around the track, gator food, and 150 tokens for the game room. It was well worth the $40 for all the fun we had!

Feeding the gators

Goofing off...

We had an air hockey tournament!

Husband vs wife

It took both of them and they still didn't beat the game!

Getting instructions from the guy

If you are in the Orlando area, we HIGHLY recommend Kissimmee Go Karts. Everyone was so nice and even gave the boys a few extra laps.

Then it was off to play more games!

The boys were so serious when playing the games. The winners in order David, Jesse, Benjamin, and Joel. The girls played and I beat Hannah and the parents played and Dad won. they closed and we wanted to let them go home so we didn't officially finish the tournament.

Like I said this place comes highly recommend! We had a blast!!