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Friday, April 12, 2013

The Masters - HMA Style

Y'all, I am so blessed to work for an amazing company. Everyone is our office is kind, generous, and hard working. I am also privileged to be head of the social committee. You can think of it like The Office's "Part Planning Committee", although I promise I am not as mean as Angela. :)

So in case you haven't heard yesterday was the first round of the Masters. 

So our office kicked off by having a 6 hole putting course.

Some of the men in our office took it very seriously, while others goofed off.

You had to putt around corners, through obstacles, and around obstacles.

Believe it wasn't just about the guys either. We had plenty of women get it on the action.

I take very little credit for this event. Brett had the idea and ran with it. It turned out AWESOME! It was so much fun!

Jeff (in the background) takes credit for being the best caddy of the day.

We enlarged photos of some of our executives and used them on the holes.

We even had official "Quiet" signs.

Overall, it was a great event and we had tons of fun! I would recommend this has a fun office event for anyone.