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Monday, July 1, 2013

Bachelorette Party Decor and Games

A few weeks ago my sister's best friend Katie got married! So my sister got to throw her a bachelorette party, and I got to help. Since, all the girls still live in apartments, I hosted it at my house.

Katie is such a sweet girl, so we wanted to make sure she had lots of fun, but that it wasn't too dirty or raunchy.

Surprisingly, I wasn't able to find very many ideas on Pinterest. So I thought I would show you what we did incase you ever have a party to throw!

bachelorette party decor

I bought some new cute underwear and used string to hang it across the TV with clothes pins. It was super cute and it turned into my gift for the bride!

No party is complete these days without a banner... simple scrapbook paper and a paint pen!

bachelorette party decor

All of the girls went out for dinner before heading to our house. So we had drinks and desserts!

dessert bar

We had a selection of 5 different desserts.

fruity drinks

We also had two fruity drink selections.

bachelorette party ideas

We also had the chance to pin the hunk. We also each wrote sex advice for Katie and she had to guess who the advice was from. Not to mention that she open gifts and we named them as a menu for the groom. Supposedly, each night on the honeymoon he chose an outfits from the menu. Overall, it was a fun night and I think Katie enjoyed it.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Our Trip to Florida

Joel's 3rd brother got married on November 30, so for us that meant a trip to Florida! Let me start by saying traveling with a baby is so much different from traveling just the two of us! It's exhausting... Here are a few highlights from our trip.

Landry's first flight was a success. He did great!

The only problem we had is that we have trained him to sleep in his crib so well that he wouldn't sleep in our arms! Oh well... He did eventually fall asleep.

Everyone on the flight complimented us on how great he was. On our way home we were even told by the lady behind us that he 'The best baby EVER!'

By the time we got in it was 11:30 at night, not ideal, but we were there. We drove home and went to bed! The next day Landry got to meet all kinds of new family members! We met up with the guys while they were picking up their tuxedos.

Uncle Jesse (The groom)

Aunt Hannah

We then headed to the rehearsal dinner (at 3 in the afternoon I don't know what to call it). Landry got to meet Colton who is 2 days younger. It was a warm 85 degree outside!

The next day was wedding day!

The groom and father of the groom chilling before the wedding starts

Meeting Pappaw for the first time.

Mimi and Pappaw with Landry

When your this little your allowed to get dressed and undressed on a table.

Looking so handsome with Nonna.

Uncle Jesse needed a picture with us!

And then my camera died... No pictures of daddy with Landry except from the professional photographer. 

On Saturday we headed to Joel's parents lake house. They needed help with a project and we wanted to take the new boat out. (Well, new to Joel, Landry and I, we hadn't been on it yet.)

Work before play

Ready for our first boat ride.

After a while he did not like the life jacket! You can see in this picture that he is getting upset.

So we dropped him off with Nonna back at the house and we went back out.

I got to drive a boat for the first time! It was exciting and scary at the same time. I am so glad we were the only ones out of the lake... means there was nothing out there for me to hit! ha!

We enjoyed roasting hot dogs on the campfire and of course, marshmallows. And we got to view one of God's beautiful sunsets! This picture doesn't do it justice.

The next day we went to church, and then had to head home! It was a fun visit and I know Landry is going to love going to Nonna and Pawpaw's house as he gets older!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Wedding Showers

I co-hosted a shower for a coworker who is getting married next week.

Meet Michael and Haley. Michael was hired 2 weeks before I left on maternity leave, but he went to ACU so I know he must be good!

And my favorite part was finally using an idea I saw on Pinterest.

The 'Hers' cake is the one I saw pinterest, but since this shower was for my male co-worker we had to have a 'his' version. It turned out great! And was a huge hit!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Howard

So before we went on our cruise we went to Orlando to see Joel's brother David and his fiance Hannah get married. We were so excited to share in this important day with them!

We started on Friday decorating the reception hall. Then all of the girls bailed to go get our nails done.

Then we all got ready and went to the rehearsal.

JD the ring bearer was so excited to get his football as a thank you gift. The whole night he ran around hugging it and asking people if they wanted to play with him.

Aunt Sara with Lisa and Leanne.

My in-laws

Me with the bride and Patricia (one of the other bridesmaids)

Aunt Judy and I cutting the cakes

David always the center of attention making everyone laugh at some story...

Then we all split up and us girls had a pj party.

Then Saturday it was time for the wedding!! However, when I woke up on Saturday I got a phone from David saying that Joel was really sick. Naturally we assumed it was a hang over. So I went over to his parents house to take care of him. He wasn't getting any better, we debated taking him to the doctor but decided against it.

Once we were all ready we headed to Hannah's parents house for some pictures. Joel was only in one picture because he had to keep leaving the room to throw up, poor guy. Then the girls got in a limo to be dropped off at the wedding. Joel barely made it through the wedding ceremony. After the ceremony we took a few pictures and watched their first dance. (it's worth watching)

Then Joel and I left and headed to the ER.We felt so bad having to leave but we needed to get Joel well before the cruise. So two bags of fluids and lots of meds later Joel was feeling much much better. You know he was sick when the PA helping the man next us ask our nurse if Joel was alive. He was finally able to keep down some gatorade and they let him go home. The next day he was able to go on the cruise.

David and Hannah, we are so sorry we weren't able to better enjoy your wedding. We are so proud of you and so happy for you! Congratulations on a beautiful day! We love you!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Date Nights, Weddings, and babies!

What a fun weekend! The weekend started on Friday night. We met with our dating group from ABF at

Apparently we all agree that it is the best fast food restaurant. The we headed to the Hooper's for game time. We played the game of 'Things' where the object of the game is to laugh. Boy, did we laugh.

Meet the couples:

Matt and Katy who told us they were having a boy! (Congrats guys!)

Jonathon and Tammy, thanks for having us over!

Joel and I

Ben and Sarah. Sarah made Double Doosies, they were so good. 

The girls!

It was a great way to start the weekend!


Joel and I woke up and cleaned the apartment, then we got all dressed up and headed to see Daniel and Jana get married! We found out that they live in the same apartment complex as us, so we will probably being seeing alot more of them.

Bride and Groom

We tried to take this picture 5 or 6 times and this is the best one. Joel's eyes are huge!

Joel grew up with Daniel. They used to go to church together and play paintball together. They both have a love for fancy cars, so they always have fun together. Daniel was in our wedding so it was great to meet his bride and be a part of their very special day.

The decorations were so cute and colorful. They had a bag of popcorn at each spot when you came into the reception.

And who would have guessed that a Saturday in January would be so B-E-A-utiful! So when we got home there was still a little day light left, so we took Leo for a nice long walk. Then we enjoyed a movie and watch some X-games!


It started off with a wonderful ABF class and learning about serving in big church. Then I came home and wrapped a present and started writing this blog before heading out to a baby shower.

Loree and Lloyd... Future Mom and Dad

The cake, isn't it sooooo cute!!

Then I headed to back up to church to help plan some activities for our ABF! I am so excited about some of the things we have coming up!

What a fun filled weekend! How was your weekend?