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Monday, August 22, 2011

Praying for the Cannons

My best friend from high school Krista is leaving for Germany. Please pray for her and her husband, Chris, as they travel to spread God's word to the German people.


We have been friends for a long time, and I know you have been praying about Germany for years. I am so happy that you found a man who has the heart for the German people just like you do! I will miss you while your gone, but I know God is going to use you for great things! I can't wait to hear all about the amazing things He is doing. May He bless you and keep you!


Monday, July 4, 2011

Holiday Weekend

It started off on Friday night when I went with a group of girls to Kaufman, TX to a women's shelter to volunteer. Honestly, it was the easiest volunteering I have ever done. We took a meal out to the women and then we played Bunco with them. It was so fun and natural and so rewarding. I am not allowed to post any pictures of the women, but here are all the girls that went to volunteer.

Then Saturday morning I went over to a friend's house for a Savvy Boheme party. You should check out her website, her stuff is all natural and organic and it's really good. I had lots of fun just being girly.

While I was being girly Joel went with a friend and his dad to the shooting range. It was his first time shooting his 9mm, so I made him take a picture.

My mom came and picked me up from the party and I got to hang out with my mom and both of my sisters. It is so nice getting together with my family. That night I went to Frisco and watched fireworks!

Sunday we went to church only to remember that we weren't having ABF. So we turned around and went back home and watched our old church online. That afternoon we went over to my parents house and had July 4th festivities. We did not have a traditional cookout like you would think, instead we had my mom's home lasagna. So very very good!! And then we had homemade ice cream!! YUMMY! Sorry I didn't get a picture of the ice cream, but here are some of the ingredients.

That night we enjoyed another fireworks show in Rowlett.

On the 4th we went over to the Murrey's house for lunch. Lots of times eating and playing games with friends.

Jeff even read Patrick Henry speech. It was such a good reminder of the values this country was founded on and how lucky we are to live here!

Later that night we went over to the Kennedy's house with some other couples from our ABF. We enjoyed a wonderful fireworks show put on by Richardson. It was great holiday spent with great friends!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Service Project

Today our ABF went to an apartment complex to serve the people in our community. It was wonderful to get out and do something for someone else. Plus the kids were so CUTE!! We went and sat under a tree with tons of books and before you knew it all of the kids were out of their apartments to join us. Jenny is a kindergarden teacher, and she emailed her school asking for donations, we ended up with 7 (yes, 7) boxes of books that we were able to give to the kids. We also took cookies and water. The water was a great idea because it was hot outside!

This little girl was the cutest thing ever! I could have taken her home with me!

And this is Jordy. Joel gave him lots of piggy back rides, and they became best friends. Isn't he cute?!?

I look forward to hopefully going back in the fall when we can spend more time there because it will be cooler. If you are ever feeling bad about your life, I totally recommend doing something for someone else. It definitely puts life in perspective.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mid-year Follow Up

1. Grow closer to God and continue to seek him more
It's hard to judge this one, but I have been more consistent in my quiet time and prayer time. These last few months have been full of trials, but I felt the Lord near.

2. Read one book per month
On average, I have read one book a month. However, it took me till March to get started, but now that I am I think it will continue.

3. Watch less TV
We got rid of our cable a month or so ago and that has really helped, so I would say I am doing pretty good on this goal.

4. Exercise more (20 minutes 3 times a week)
HA! I have decided that I hate working out... The last few weeks I have been more active, but it is getting too hot outside!

5. Finish a couple of scrapbooks that I have started
Again, HA! I completely forgot this was on my list!

6. Blog more often (and write in my personal journal more)
Yes, I have done this one!

7. Pay off debt (I won't say how much and we won't be able to pay it all off this year, but that is a five year goal to be debt free)
One down more to go, but we are one the road to success in this area.

8. Volunteer more
Joel and I will be volunteering on the 25th, but we need to look for more opportunities to do this.

9. Eat out less, meal plan more
Semi successful on this front... I need more recipes.

10. Date night with Joel at least once a month. (This has to be a goal because his schedule is so crazy it won't happen otherwise)
We have had several date nights in and we have gone out lots with friends, but we haven't had many dates just the two of us. Hopefully, this will change soon as Joel starts his new job.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Each year around April or May our church as Engage Sunday. The entire church shows up in their work clothes on and we go out into the community and serve. Our group went to a women's shelter where we painted the entire house. It was sure an honor to serve others! Truly God made us for serving!

The bus ride over...

Our ABF teacher getting in on the actions.

This was the perfect way to start off the month of May.