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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Low Key Saturday

We had a great low key Saturday, it was just what we needed.

We started off the day with baby shower for my sweet friend Julie.

When I came home from the shower, Landry was still in his PJs (well half way) and this is where he was playing.

Oh the things that happen when daddy babysits. (Joel asked me to please note that he was sitting right next to him taking the pictures, so he was not being neglected.)

Then we came home and played and watched Monk on Netflix. Here's a video of Landry dancing to the theme song.

After Landry woke up from his afternoon nap, we took a family field trip to our new Kroger. I am so excited that they finally opened it up! And it's HUGE.

Blue Bell Ice Cream was on sale for $.88!! Heaven in a carton!!

They even have furniture in the store!

The steaks were on sale, per pound they were cheaper than the ground beef! We took them home marinated them and grilled them. While Landry played in the pool.

And on a side note, Landry loves to be outdoors, but hates to touch the grass!

After we put Landry to bed, we had a nice little date night in.

Perfect Saturday in my book!