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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

LBU Graduation and Our Weekend

On Friday, we headed over to Shreveport, LA to attend my father-in-law's graduation ceremony. He is already considered Dr. Howard. He has his LLD (on honorary degree) and his EdD., but those weren't doing the trick... So now he has his PhD. I jokingly called him Dr. Dr. Dr. Howard.

After a 3 hour car ride Landry was ready to get out and explore.

But there's always time for a photo op!

And time to read a book... during the ceremony. Landry did great, but it was definitely nap time. As soon as my FIL crossed the stage my MIL took him in the back and he fell right to sleep.

And here you have it folks...

Of course, you have to have a photo of the dean!

Landry was still asleep when the service was over,

but not for long!

I am so blessed to have a child who loves to sleep, but who always wakes up happy!

After the ceremony, they had a big crawfish boil for everyone! I managed not to get any pictures of that. Landry did crawl up on stage and into (literally) the pulpit.
On Saturday, Joel and I woke up early and work ALL day on some of his school work. (Joel is working on his MBA). Sounds boring, right? Well, it was! However, Saturday night we went to Fogo de Chao to celebrate! I had never been! BOY WAS IT GOOD!

Landry made a new friend, but he seems to do that everywhere we go.

 His new FAVORITE thing to do is high five everyone! So if you see a picture of him lifting his hand like this, it's because he wants a high five!

My in laws 

Joel and I

Celebrating with PawPaw

If you've never been, I highly recommend it. The service was amazing!! Best I've ever had. They even cut up a banana and brought it for Landry!

And dessert... well, see for yourself!

Sunday was a typical day for us! We went out for Mexican food (El Chico) after lunch, I mean come on it WAS Cinco de Mayo after all!

He's got his grandmas right where he wants them...

How was your weekend?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bluebonnets 2013

I LOVE living in TEXAS! I love Blue Bell Ice Cream, Dr. Pepper, Texas Rangers, Texas pride and the Dallas Cowboys. But one of my favorite things about Texas is that every Spring our state flower, the bluebonnet, blooms.

We decided to start a fun tradition with our little family of taking bluebonnet pictures every year! I can't wait to see our family changes and grows.

We made our first attempt at pictures on Monday. However, Landry wasn't himself. We got a few pictures, but you can tell he wasn't feeling well. This is the best I could get.

He was more interested in eating the flowers!

So this past Saturday, we had another beautiful day. We decided to give it another go! These turned out much better!

Landry was dressed much cuter the first day, but the "My Mom Rocks" shirt makes me happy!

Our sweet boy was laughing with his mouth wide open the entire time!

Mommy and Daddy even got in a few pictures! (Thanks to Aunt B)

My family even got in a few!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Have sock will travel

Landry's latest 'trick' is pulling is sock off and then taking it EVERYWHERE with him.

Landry plays with his truck... sock in hand.

Landry tries to share with mommy... sock in hand.

Landry plays with his table... sock in hand.

Landry plays with his ball... sock in hand.

He eats his bottle and dances... sock in hand.

Landry crawls.... sock in hand.

Seriously, it has become his security blanket. At least when he sticks it in his mouth it soaks up some of the drool.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Lessons from my Son

Landry has taught me many things in his short little life. I should write a post on all of those things one of these days. But today I want to talk about the way Landry sees people.

Landry doesn't see how people look, he doesn't care if you are fat or skinny, tall or short, he doesn't care what color your skin is, he doesn't care if you're bald or hairy, he doesn't care if you're toothless. He simply sees a person.

He will smile at you until you just can't help but smile back. He draws people to himself, he can turn a bad day into a good one.

Everywhere we go, people always compliment me on happy he is and how cute he is. I am not saying this to brag. Honestly, I think much of his cuteness comes from the fact that he makes EVERYONE feel loved. I have had people tell me "Oh, babies never smile at me, but look at that he likes me". And the truth is he does!

Landry draws people to himself with his smile and his joy. In a world that is so dark and so desperate for God's love, I can't help but think that Landry is spreading that love.

You see, Landry sees people the way God sees them. He doesn't yet have any preconceived notions. He doesn't judge anyone, he just loves them and smiles at them.

I want to see people the way my son sees people. I want people to be drawn to me the way they are to him, so that I can show them Christ's love. I want people to know the joy I have in Christ.

After all the things that have happened this week, I have come to realize that our nation (and our world) needs God. What if one simple smile can show His love? What if all Christians (including myself) saw others the way Landry and God see people?

I pray for/with/over Landry every single day. I pray that God will use Landry's joyful spirit to bring others to Himself. I also pray that he will never lose the joy he has now. And I pray that I will have the wisdom to raise him for God's glory.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Calling All Mommies - Tubes in Ears

I never pictured myself as the rush to the doctor kind of mom. I rarely go to the doctor myself and I would prefer not to take medicine unless I absolutely have to. But when it comes to Landry, I don't even hesitate to rush him to the doctor.

We have been to the doctor more times than I can count in his 9 month
life. I am pretty sure he has his momma allergies (poor kid). Anyway, ear infections have been non stop for us since January (when he started school). It seems like just about the time he finishes an antibiotic he gets another one.

I can't complain for myself because my sick Landry is better than some peoples normal baby, but I just feel so helpless when he is sick. I know he is in pain and I want so badly to take it away for him.

Anyway, this past Monday while at the doctor she brought up the idea of putting tubes in his ears. The doctor said she would rather be proactive about it since he has proven he is prone to getting them. He can thank me for that...

I had tubes in my ears 2 or 3 times as a baby/toddler. I survived, honestly, I don't even remember it. However, I have a slight (I mean slight) hearing loss in my right ear.

If we are going to do it, I would rather do it now than wait any longer. He has been on several antibiotics over the past few months and I don't want him to become used to them or continue to take them constantly. (They HORRIBLE, I mean horrible diaper rash)

  • Do you have any experience with this? 
  • Do you have any advice? 
  • Did your child have tubes? 
  • Did it make things better/worse/same? 
  • Would you do it again if you had to? 
  • How old was your child?

I think we are going to make the appointment with the pediatric ENT, but I would love to know your experience or advice.

And because it's super cute this was him at the doctors office. (We have our moments, but for the most part you would never guess he is sick)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Update {April 12 and 13}

In keeping with the theme of the weekend, Saturday Joel and I met up with some friends from ABF for Top Golf. Joel and I had never been before. In the past every time we had the opportunity something came up. So I was so glad to finally go!

We had lots of fun! Joel and I were terrible at it.

I mean, is that not the WORST FORM EVER! I have been to the driving range twice in my life, but lets face it my boobs are just too big for golf!

We had lots of time to relax in between, and the weather could not have been more perfect for this event. (Ok, maybe we could have had a little less wind).

Parker even joined in on the fun!

In golf you alway go for the lowest score, right? So technically I won... (not true in Top Golf)

On Saturday night, we had a few friends over for dinner and farkle! (much more my speed)

However, Saturday evening Landry was running a high fever... poor guy! He just can't stay well.

We stayed home from church on Sunday, we didn't want to spread our sick germs. Landry did try to share his crackers with mommy though. Such a sweet boy.

Our poor boy is still running a fever, but we took him to the doctor and got a different antibiotic. Hopefully, he will be back to normal soon. 

How was your weekend?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10 on 10 April

Today is the 10th of the month, so that means linking up with A bit of Sunshine for the 10 on 10. This is all about documenting a day in the life.

Today I got up at 4:30am to go to boot camp. This is my before boot camp picture, so I can see the changes that I make.

I cam home, showered, made my lunch, and then headed out to work. It was raining, so traffic was standing still!

Did I mention it was super cold outside?!?

I went to work, it was boring... Then I picked Landry up from school. He feel asleep in the car on the ride home and he didn't wake up when I got him out. So I held him and rocked him, it was the sweetest 10 minutes of my day. He became really restless and I could tell he was super tired so I had to put him down.

We had a change of plans for dinner. My mom went out of town to see my sister in Lubbock, so my dad came over and cooked for us. He made Crawfish Etouffe. And it was pretty good.

Then it was time for Landry's bath. He is on meds for an ear infection and they give him horrible diaper rash.

We put him to bed, then Joel and I watch a little Duck Dynasty. He also did homework while I blogged. ;) So GLAD, HAPPY, EXCITED, THRILLED to have 2 computers!

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