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Friday, March 1, 2013

iPhone Rewind {February}

I missed January because of all the craziness going on and last minute traveling, but I am back at it this month. If you want to see more pictures you can follow me on instagram @carissahoward07.

Landry had his first hotel stay. His face is blurry because he NEVER stops moving!

Playing with Daddy on one of our 4 super long car rides!

Lovin' on mommy!

A visit from cousins

Scrunchy nose

My new Nike Fuel Band

We had to go to the doctor at 7 months old instead of waiting all the way till 9 months. Landry had fallen off his growth curve and they wanted to make sure he was gaining weight like he should. Thankfully, he is back on track for his height (50%) and now at a lower track for his weight (10%). He finally crossed the 16lb mark!! On a different note, he figured out that he could pull on the roll of paper and get more. Can you tell he LOVED it?

Just hanging out at the Super Bowl Party.

Well used Bible

Joel's grandpa's Bible. Every page was marked up, underlined, highlighted, analyzed, etc. This is what a Bible should look like. At one point it was so used it had to be rebound!