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Monday, December 31, 2012

iPhone Rewind {November and December}

Because I forgot to do this post for November, I decided to throw in some of the November pictures! Sorry if you've seen these on Facebook or Instagram. I just can't help but post pictures of my little man.

Fish face

Fabric I'm in love with for our living room!

Funny face he made while getting his diaper changed.

Sleeping in our swing because we have a horrible cold and can't breathe

Picture with Mommy

Pies are ready for Thanksgiving

Some Fall decor


Boat ride fun

Grandparent detox

LOVE THIS... (at my work)

Visit to the ER


Landry told me he wanted this for Christmas, I told him he has to wait till he is older.

Practicing for when we open presents.

Merry Christmas

Congratulations. You must really love this little boy if you made it all the way to the end.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Baby Food

At Landry's 4 month appointment we were given the go ahead to start giving him rice cereal. Well, we tried it twice and he didn't seem to into it. Then we had Thanksgiving then we were out of town for a wedding. And well we didn't have time to try it again.


Well, when we were in Florida, Joel's cousin Amanda was giving Colton (2 days younger than Landry) baby food. I was surprised because Landry just didn't seem to like rice cereal, how was I ever going to move to baby food if he wouldn't eat that? She suggested that he might not like it and I should just try some baby food.

So when we got home between Landry getting RSV and then Joel and I getting sick we did manage to try some peas that my co-worker had given us. He LOVED them. Seriously, he kept opening his mouth and I couldn't get them in quickly enough.

Since then we have had peas, carrots, squash, green beans and pears and LOVED them. We have also tried sweet potatoes, but he wasn't a fan. We will try them again soon.

We have also gotten a lot better at eating and we don't make as big of a mess! We learned that the high chair is a much better place for feeding than the bumbo.

Now at five months old we eat 2 jars of baby food a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. I feel like he could eat it at every meal or eat more than one at a time, but I am not sure how to proceed. They never seem to fill him up. Suggestions?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Our Trip to Florida

Joel's 3rd brother got married on November 30, so for us that meant a trip to Florida! Let me start by saying traveling with a baby is so much different from traveling just the two of us! It's exhausting... Here are a few highlights from our trip.

Landry's first flight was a success. He did great!

The only problem we had is that we have trained him to sleep in his crib so well that he wouldn't sleep in our arms! Oh well... He did eventually fall asleep.

Everyone on the flight complimented us on how great he was. On our way home we were even told by the lady behind us that he 'The best baby EVER!'

By the time we got in it was 11:30 at night, not ideal, but we were there. We drove home and went to bed! The next day Landry got to meet all kinds of new family members! We met up with the guys while they were picking up their tuxedos.

Uncle Jesse (The groom)

Aunt Hannah

We then headed to the rehearsal dinner (at 3 in the afternoon I don't know what to call it). Landry got to meet Colton who is 2 days younger. It was a warm 85 degree outside!

The next day was wedding day!

The groom and father of the groom chilling before the wedding starts

Meeting Pappaw for the first time.

Mimi and Pappaw with Landry

When your this little your allowed to get dressed and undressed on a table.

Looking so handsome with Nonna.

Uncle Jesse needed a picture with us!

And then my camera died... No pictures of daddy with Landry except from the professional photographer. 

On Saturday we headed to Joel's parents lake house. They needed help with a project and we wanted to take the new boat out. (Well, new to Joel, Landry and I, we hadn't been on it yet.)

Work before play

Ready for our first boat ride.

After a while he did not like the life jacket! You can see in this picture that he is getting upset.

So we dropped him off with Nonna back at the house and we went back out.

I got to drive a boat for the first time! It was exciting and scary at the same time. I am so glad we were the only ones out of the lake... means there was nothing out there for me to hit! ha!

We enjoyed roasting hot dogs on the campfire and of course, marshmallows. And we got to view one of God's beautiful sunsets! This picture doesn't do it justice.

The next day we went to church, and then had to head home! It was a fun visit and I know Landry is going to love going to Nonna and Pawpaw's house as he gets older!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We have so much to be thankful for this year. Our sweet baby boy is just one of a million things!

We began the morning at my grandma's house. We enjoyed a yummy breakfast! There is just something about a grandma's cooking! Seriously, can I get an Amen.

Landry enjoyed getting to 'watch' the parade and hang out with family.

He is just too cute in his little Turkey onesie!

My Uncle Billy just loves Landry! It's so cute when he sees him. (PS- he's the reason I don't think Landry will be scared of Santa... doesn't Uncle Billy look like Santa without the hat?)

After breakfast we headed back to our house. My Aunt Sue was coming over with her daughter and grandkids. They went to the State Fair with us us so the kids were super excited to see Landry. My Aunt told me that Lily woke up and said "Is today the day we get to go to Landry's house?"

Landry was so interested in what Lily was saying.

Everyone took turns holding him. This is Lily.

Then Alex had a turn.

And then little Miss Blair. Her brother Blaine is too cool to hold him. ;)

How many people does it take to carve a turkey?

And what's Thanksgiving without a family photo session?

My beautiful family {Joel, Me, Landry, My mom, Breanne, Dad, and Emily}

My gorgeous Aunt and her two beautiful daughter Ashley and Lindsey

Aunt Sue with her Grandkids Alex, Lily, Blair and Blain

And not to be leftout Ashley's fiance Chad.

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving! I hope yours was equally great!