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Monday, July 1, 2013

Bachelorette Party Decor and Games

A few weeks ago my sister's best friend Katie got married! So my sister got to throw her a bachelorette party, and I got to help. Since, all the girls still live in apartments, I hosted it at my house.

Katie is such a sweet girl, so we wanted to make sure she had lots of fun, but that it wasn't too dirty or raunchy.

Surprisingly, I wasn't able to find very many ideas on Pinterest. So I thought I would show you what we did incase you ever have a party to throw!

bachelorette party decor

I bought some new cute underwear and used string to hang it across the TV with clothes pins. It was super cute and it turned into my gift for the bride!

No party is complete these days without a banner... simple scrapbook paper and a paint pen!

bachelorette party decor

All of the girls went out for dinner before heading to our house. So we had drinks and desserts!

dessert bar

We had a selection of 5 different desserts.

fruity drinks

We also had two fruity drink selections.

bachelorette party ideas

We also had the chance to pin the hunk. We also each wrote sex advice for Katie and she had to guess who the advice was from. Not to mention that she open gifts and we named them as a menu for the groom. Supposedly, each night on the honeymoon he chose an outfits from the menu. Overall, it was a fun night and I think Katie enjoyed it.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Game night

Last night we had Scrabble with Sam, otherwise known as game night! We didn't actually end up playing Scrabble, we played "The Game of Things" instead.

The games we had to choose from

Sam served milk and cookies! Yummy!

(Jenny, Denise, Amy, Rachael, and Emily)

(Katy, Michelle, Tammy, Me and Sam)

What a fun night! Can't wait for this Saturday when we go bowling together and next weeks girl's night!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cake Decorating 101

As you can tell from past post each Wednesday the Ladies in my Bible study have a fun activity. This week went over to Julie's house and her twin sister taught us how to decorate a cake. It helps to have the right tools.

First we let Betsy show us

Then we got to try it ourselves. It's harder than it looks

Next it was time to mix in some color.

Then we used the colorful icing to pipe designs on our cakes. I have what they call a crumb layer on my cake, since I have so many pieces of cake in my icing.

(Summer Ladies Bible Study '11)

The whole gang

Finished Product!

I brought it home and Joel ate a piece right away!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


It was another Wednesday night with my ABF girls! It was 'Alley time with Amy'! We headed over to Splitsville in Allen for some fun time bowling. I remembered to bring my camera this week, but Tammy's are so much better.

Leave it to Sam to have AWESOME socks!

Amy rockin' it!

If you notice the pink pin in the middle... Well, if that happens and you bowl a strike you get a free game. So Julie Davis being as amazing as she is bowled a strike!!

Can you tell we were having fun?

Please ignore my score, I was there to have fun! And I did!

(Julie Z, Me, Rachael, Julie D, Amy, Sam, and Tammy)

The whole night we were all glued to our phones. We were all waiting to hear how Katy and Pearson were doing. Can't wait for the rest of the summer fun we are going to have together.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Girl's Night Out

Every Wednesday night a lot of the girls from my ABF get together for a Bible study while our husbands play basketball. However, for the summer we decided to take a little break and just enjoy fellowship with each other. So we each chose a week to plan something. This week it was my choice so we all went to Chuy's for dinner.

I love getting together with the girls!

(Rachael, Denise, Kristen, and Sam)

(Jenny, Me, and Amy)

 The best part about Chuy's is their chips and salsa (especially their creamy jalepeno sauce). However, from 4-7 pm they have happy hour where you can get free chips and queso! So good!!

Pretty soon it won't be just the girl, as hopefully Katy will bringing on her little baby boy Pearson along. So I figure we can make an exception for him.

*Photo credit goes to Katy as I forgot my camera*

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 2 of Country Fest!

So day 2 we learned our lesson and we drove most of the way to the concert and parked on the outside so we could get out easily and avoid traffic. It was a much better plan!

The day started with Lee Brice.

You have no idea how hot it was inside the stadium! I felt like I was getting sunburned, so here was my solution...

My sister's thought I was crazy, but I didn't get burned and that's the important part! I have to protect my skin, I don't want wrinkles!

Next was Jason Michel Carrol. I was surprised how much he talked about God.

The 3rd act for the day was Billy Currington. He literally looked like he rolled out of bed and got on stage to perform. I mean, he didn't even have shoes on!

If you ask me he should have been the second headliner.  It was time for another photo-op.

So funny story... after the lady took this picture I ask her to take another one and get less boob in the shot. This is what she took. ha!

Can you see the difference? How about more belly and the same amount of boob! ha! We laughed so hard!

The Zac Brown band was up next. They were good, but they just didn't have enough music that I knew. They played a lot of stuff with no singing at all, and after awhile it all starts to sounds the same.

The fiddle player was awesome! The headliner for the night was Kenny Chesney!! He is an amazing performer!!

Then the Zac Brown Band came out and played with Kenny and did a bunch of Kenny's songs, so that was really cool!

All in all we had a great weekend! Can't wait to go back again next year! I am really hoping Brad Paisley will be there!