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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dark Water Gate

Hey Guys! I want to tell you about a book on of our dear family friends wrote.

"Thirteen-year-old twins, Jabo and Tatum, have been on "adventures" while growing up along the Suwanee River their whole lives. But now their grandpa has sent them on the adventure of a lifetime - to a place they thought was only in his imagination. A beautiful land under threat of dark dominion...warrior families who will do anything to protect the prophecy of hope for their world...and young twins who discover their destiny is also their family heritage - they are Bridge Walkers."

I have not read the book yet, but I am looking forward to doing so. I just wanted to let all of you know about this so you can help support an up and coming author! You know, so you can brag that you read is first book the week it came out before anyone knew who he was...

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall Festival Number 2

Nonna flew into town just in time to go to our second fall festival. We went to the church Joel grew up in. We are still really close to a few of the families and they love seeing Landry grow up. Plus, Nonna wanted to show him off.

bowling for ghost

Little Ms. Cailin

Baby Samuel and his daddy Eric

Landry loved trying to get the bugs stuck to the wall!

bug throw

Gonna fishin'

gonna fishing

Ms. Loretta with baby Sam and Isa

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Baby Shower Fun

This morning I had the pleasure of co-hosting a baby shower brunch for my sweet friend Julie from church.

Julie is due in September, and my co-host Kristin is due in Nov. Both with baby girls!

brunch shower

We served breakfast food like cinnamon rolls, breakfast casserole, fruit skewers, and a yummy strawberry cake.

baby girl shower

girl baby shower

brunch shower

Julie had the shower at her house so she could shower off cute nursery.

As an activity we made bows and headbands for little Ms. Audrey to wear. It was lots of fun and we all got to bring out our creative sides.

Here are most of the finished headbands.

homemade headbands

Then we opened gift. I will spare you those pictures, but she got some great stuff.

shower gifts

It was a great shower, and I'm so glad I could be apart of it. Can't wait to meet Ms. Audrey!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

First Birthday Party {The People}

We are so incredibly blessed!! We have so many people who love us and love our baby boy! God has been good! So very good to us.

Nonna and Mimi flew in from Florida just to be here for the party!

Landry's friend Sam came with his mommy and daddy. Cutest thing ever Landry has a new obsession with giving hugs. As soon as Sammy sat down Landry leaned over for hugs. MELT. MY. HEART.

Katy and Pearson came too. (I will get this picture rotated ASAP).

My grandparents came along with my cousin Becca!

Landry with both of his grandmas

My Granny requested that we do another 5 generation picture.

All of the fabulous pictures of the party were taken by my sister Bre. I asked her if she would be the official photographer. She did an amazing job and got 692 pictures!! It was a weight off my shoulders and one less thing to worry about. THANK YOU!

Parker and Michelle came over too. Of course, Parker had to get a hug too. Poor thing looks like he's scared to death.

Thank you to everyone who came and helped us celebrate our little man!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Parties Galore

This week I had not 1, not 2, but 3 Christmas parties to attend! Don't get me wrong I love Christmas, but that's a lot of time away from my baby in one week!

Monday we had our end of the year bunko party! I have been playing with a bunch of ladies from my mom's church the first Monday of every month. And this was our last one of the year.

We ate, played a round of bunko and then did a gift exchange. I came home with this adorable plate! So excited to leave cookies for Santa!

On Wednesday we had our ABF Christmas party. This year we decided to do cocktail attire. It was nice to see everyone all dressed up. We also catered food this year. We had a lovely evening with everyone. (I know some of you have been waiting for the pictures for awhile, sorry for the delay)

The girls from our small group

 I don't know if you can read the title of that book, but just in case you think you are going crazy... It really does say "The Worst Fart". I laughed so hard when I saw it! I can't believe anyone ever published it. You can read the whole thing here.

The girls

No party in our class is complete without an announcement! We are so excited for the Ogles!

Our final party was on Friday evening with my company. This year I was head of the social committee (and no, I'm not mean like Angela from the office! ha!). I had a lot of fun planning it with a few other people, but trying to please over 120 people and their spouses is not an easy job! I think everyone had fun though. Enjoy some pictures of the evening.

The Landry spent the night at my parents house so Joel and I wouldn't have to worry about picking him up at midnight! It was so nice to sleep till 8:30. That's sleeping in for us these days. I know someday he will be a teen and sleep all day, and this getting up at 7 is just a phase. So for now I am enjoying our happy morning baby! I'm a morning person anyway.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A tailgating sip-n-see

Today we had a sweet friend, Mrs. Searle (or Grandma Searle to Landry), host a sip-n-see for all of our friends that attend the church we grew up in. The shower was tailgate themed, after all we LOVE football.

Shout out to Becky at Stellar Cakes for the awesome cake!

Somehow we managed not to get any pictures of Landry at his shower. I guess it's because he was being passed around so everyone could enjoy him.

We had a great time showing off our little man. Thank you, thank you, thank you Momma #2 for doing such a wonderful job.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


We have been so incredibly blessed by our wonderful ABF. Our class is called Purpose because we have two purposes in life.

Purpose #1- Have a relationship with God. 

Purpose #2- Relate to others in such a way to help them accomplish Purpose #1.

We started off in the Honeymooners class with this group and have enjoyed growing with them.

Anyway, our ABF has taken such good care of us these first few weeks home by bringing us meals. I haven't had to cook in weeks! And everything they have brought has been delicious. 

Katy and Pearson

David, Michelle, and baby Parker (Due: Nov 2012)

Paxton, Courtney, and baby Jack (Due: Sept 2012)


*Not picture: Michel and Julie Z or Joseph, Amy, and Brody or Julie and Knox

Thank you!