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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy 50th Nonna!!

Happy Birthday Nonna! We love you!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Photo Booth Fun

This year we hosted my mom's family at our house for Christmas Eve. I used my silhouette machine to cut out some fun Christmas shapes and what do you know we had a photo booth. It turned out to be loads of fun!

photo booth ideas

christmas eve

christmas entertainment

santa hat

snowman cutout


red lips

santa and elf

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Birthday to Poppy

To celebrate my dads birthday we took him to Top Golf.




My dad and sister played against Joel and I and won the first game.

Landry loved playing with the bean bags.

A good time was had by all!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

First Birthday Party {The People}

We are so incredibly blessed!! We have so many people who love us and love our baby boy! God has been good! So very good to us.

Nonna and Mimi flew in from Florida just to be here for the party!

Landry's friend Sam came with his mommy and daddy. Cutest thing ever Landry has a new obsession with giving hugs. As soon as Sammy sat down Landry leaned over for hugs. MELT. MY. HEART.

Katy and Pearson came too. (I will get this picture rotated ASAP).

My grandparents came along with my cousin Becca!

Landry with both of his grandmas

My Granny requested that we do another 5 generation picture.

All of the fabulous pictures of the party were taken by my sister Bre. I asked her if she would be the official photographer. She did an amazing job and got 692 pictures!! It was a weight off my shoulders and one less thing to worry about. THANK YOU!

Parker and Michelle came over too. Of course, Parker had to get a hug too. Poor thing looks like he's scared to death.

Thank you to everyone who came and helped us celebrate our little man!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

First Birthday {Day Of}

On the day of Landry's birthday Joel and I both had to work. I came home early to take Landry for his one year check up. I had no idea he was going to have 4 shots!! I felt so horrible! From now on we will wait till after the birthday to take our kids. He took a GREAT nap afterwards though.

After his nap we decided to go to Chuck-E-Cheese for dinner. For his birthday he got a coupon for what we thought was 100 tokens. It turns out the coupon was really for 100 TICKETS. Oops...

We opened his gifts. He was so cute pulling out the tissue paper. He had no idea the fun that was inside the bags.

Daddy and Uncle David showed Landry how everything worked.

birthday party

He got to crawl around a little bit, but honestly most of the stuff was too old for him. It will be awhile before we go back.

And then we had this little moment... We were letting him try all the rides, but we adults couldn't figure out the horse race. It was pretty comical, overall when the game ended, he had moved 5 feet.

Video coming soon...

We decided to head over to Cheddars for dinner rather than eating pizza. Little man was up way past his bedtime, but he had a blast!

Monday, July 8, 2013

First Birthday {Day Before}

My brother in law David and his wife Hannah came into town the Saturday before Landry first birthday. They were in town for vacation and got to stay with us for almost a week. I love getting to spend time with them since we don't see them very often.

Hannah ended up watching Landry for us instead of sending him to school (David helped, but I have this feeling it was mostly Hannah).

They decided to take him to pick out his birthday gift.

boy gifts

They got him a water table! It was the perfect gift for his first birthday. He loves water and splashing in his baths. Now he has something to do while daddy grills outside.

boy gift

Uncle David had fun showing him all that it can do.

water table

He was so enthralled in his new toy that we had a hard time getting a picture.

Thank you Uncle David and Aunt Hannah! We love our new toy!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

LBU Graduation and Our Weekend

On Friday, we headed over to Shreveport, LA to attend my father-in-law's graduation ceremony. He is already considered Dr. Howard. He has his LLD (on honorary degree) and his EdD., but those weren't doing the trick... So now he has his PhD. I jokingly called him Dr. Dr. Dr. Howard.

After a 3 hour car ride Landry was ready to get out and explore.

But there's always time for a photo op!

And time to read a book... during the ceremony. Landry did great, but it was definitely nap time. As soon as my FIL crossed the stage my MIL took him in the back and he fell right to sleep.

And here you have it folks...

Of course, you have to have a photo of the dean!

Landry was still asleep when the service was over,

but not for long!

I am so blessed to have a child who loves to sleep, but who always wakes up happy!

After the ceremony, they had a big crawfish boil for everyone! I managed not to get any pictures of that. Landry did crawl up on stage and into (literally) the pulpit.
On Saturday, Joel and I woke up early and work ALL day on some of his school work. (Joel is working on his MBA). Sounds boring, right? Well, it was! However, Saturday night we went to Fogo de Chao to celebrate! I had never been! BOY WAS IT GOOD!

Landry made a new friend, but he seems to do that everywhere we go.

 His new FAVORITE thing to do is high five everyone! So if you see a picture of him lifting his hand like this, it's because he wants a high five!

My in laws 

Joel and I

Celebrating with PawPaw

If you've never been, I highly recommend it. The service was amazing!! Best I've ever had. They even cut up a banana and brought it for Landry!

And dessert... well, see for yourself!

Sunday was a typical day for us! We went out for Mexican food (El Chico) after lunch, I mean come on it WAS Cinco de Mayo after all!

He's got his grandmas right where he wants them...

How was your weekend?