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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cars, Cars, Cars

As most of you know on March 20, 2010 I got into a car wreck... So my car looked like...

Needless to say, my car was completely undriveable. So Joel and I went car shopping. the plan was to get a car with a low apyment that was only a few years old. However, my sweet sweet husband was willing to part with his dream car in order for me to have a better car. So we both ended up with new cars. Look at what we got!

His and Hers 2009 Nissan Sentras. (Mine is the black one)

Inside Joel's

Inside mine

From the back

This car is the FIRST car I have owned, and its all mine! It's also the FIRST time I have had a nicer car than my husband! (Mine has bluetooth, intelekey, a spoiler, and a few other little perks)  It's also the FIRST time I got to drive a car off the lot!

Thank you Joel for loving me more than your car!! I know how hard it was for you to give up your Infiniti, and I promise someday you can have your dream car back! I love you!