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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Smart Money Smart Kids

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If you have read this blog anytime at all, then you know that Joel and I are huge fans of Dave Ramsey. We have been following his baby steps and are almost debt free! You can read more about our whole debt journey here.

This past Thursday, Dave and his daughter Rachel were in town for a book signing. They co-wrote a new book called "Smart Money Smart Kids". It is all about "raising the next generation to win with money". You can check it out here.

barnes and noble book signing

I talked Joel into coming with me and we ended up being 12 in line! We got our book signed and our FPU certificate signed. But that's not even the best part.

smart money smart kids

At each of the book signing they have been giving away $2,000 toward a college scholarship fund! Joel and I both entered to win and wouldn't you know... JOEL WON!!

barnes and noble book signing

We got to be 'interviewed' by Dave right there in Barnes and Noble and then we had our picture taken with Dave and Rachel!

scholarship winner

Y'all we have not started a college fund for Landry yet. We are still on baby step 2. So winning this is HUGE HUGE! When we got to the car and the realization of what just happened hit me I cried. This is as if we had put away $1000 per year of Landry's life. This is not the gift of $2000, it is so much more. We are going to invest this over the next 16 years and by the time Landry heads to college this money will have grown to much much more.

Dave and Rachel,
I doubt you read my little blog, but if you do "Thank you from the bottom of our hearts"!
Joel, Carissa, and Landry

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dark Water Gate

Hey Guys! I want to tell you about a book on of our dear family friends wrote.

"Thirteen-year-old twins, Jabo and Tatum, have been on "adventures" while growing up along the Suwanee River their whole lives. But now their grandpa has sent them on the adventure of a lifetime - to a place they thought was only in his imagination. A beautiful land under threat of dark dominion...warrior families who will do anything to protect the prophecy of hope for their world...and young twins who discover their destiny is also their family heritage - they are Bridge Walkers."

I have not read the book yet, but I am looking forward to doing so. I just wanted to let all of you know about this so you can help support an up and coming author! You know, so you can brag that you read is first book the week it came out before anyone knew who he was...