Thursday, April 30, 2015


If you've read this blog at all, then you know that Joel and I have been working to pay off our debt. When we started almost 4 years ago we had close to $100,000 in debt!!! Well just this past month we paid off EVERYTHING!

We paid off my car in February. Can I just tell you she drives so much better now that she doesn't have a payment. Yes, she's small for our growing family, but both car seats fit! And I brought both of my babies home from the hospital in it.

Then just this month we paid off the last student loan!

loan payoff

When I made that final payment it was so surreal. This has been a goal for so long and anytime we talked about finances, the question was always how can we pay this off faster. I think it will really set in next month when we don't have to make the payments.

Now on to Baby Step 3... a fully funded emergency fund.