Monday, June 9, 2014

Meal Planning Monday {June 9, 2014}

Monday - Me: Bunco, Boys: Frozen Pizza

Tuesday - Grilled chicken with grilled veggies

Wednesday - Me and Landry: Salad and baked potato, Joel: Guy's night

Thursday - Fish with rice and veggies

Friday - Turkey burgers and chips

Saturday - Chicken and rice casserole

Sunday - Joel's choice for Father's Day

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My strange little man

On Sunday Landry woke up with ALL kinds of eye boogers. His eye lashes were caked together and it was gross. He didn't have a fever and was acting fine, so I cleaned him off and we headed to church.

After church, he was still acting great, but his eyes were a little red and they continued to produce yellow pussy stuff. We decided to stop by urgent care on our way just to make sure it wasn't pink eye. I didn't want to send him to school on Monday if it was.

Apparently, (in all my years with allergies I have never heard of this) instead of his nose producing the sinus drainage, his eyes were! Gross! They gave us a prescription for some eye drops, but told us it wasn't anything to worry about.

That night when we were getting him ready for bed we were prepared for the battle of our lives putting eye drops in his eyes.

Low and behold, little man didn't mind it! In fact, when we were finished he picked up the bottle and 'eye, eye'.

Monday morning he woke up and his eyes were a TON better. We decided that we would still give him the eye drops just to be sure. That night we were debating whether we should give them to him again and when we went into his room to get ready for bed, he again picked up the bottle and said 'eye, eye'.

He is definitely my kid. I don't mind putting stuff in my eye and I guess he doesn't either.

Keep in mind this is the same kid that takes nasal spray every night before bed with no problem.

Thank you God for the small blessing of a child who doesn't mind medicine!