Monday, December 31, 2012

iPhone Rewind {November and December}

Because I forgot to do this post for November, I decided to throw in some of the November pictures! Sorry if you've seen these on Facebook or Instagram. I just can't help but post pictures of my little man.

Fish face

Fabric I'm in love with for our living room!

Funny face he made while getting his diaper changed.

Sleeping in our swing because we have a horrible cold and can't breathe

Picture with Mommy

Pies are ready for Thanksgiving

Some Fall decor


Boat ride fun

Grandparent detox

LOVE THIS... (at my work)

Visit to the ER


Landry told me he wanted this for Christmas, I told him he has to wait till he is older.

Practicing for when we open presents.

Merry Christmas

Congratulations. You must really love this little boy if you made it all the way to the end.

Follow up on 2012 Goals

As we approach the end of the year it's nice to look back at the goals I set this time last year and see how I did.

1. Read the Bible through in a year. (This may be harder to do once the baby gets here, but I am going to try) I did great on this until Landry was born! Seriously, every single day until July 9. I tried to catch up after my maternity leave, but felt like it was hopeless and stopped.

2. Memorize all of Proverbs. No...

3. Learn to sew. I have always wanted to, and I got a sewing machine for Christmas this year! I totally did this!!! YAY! I made all of the bedding for Landry's room!

4. Do a better job of putting laundry away. I am good at washing and drying, but when it comes to putting things away... they usually stay on the couch for a few days. Did better on this and put things away most of the time, but as we speak there are clothes on the chair in my room that are clean and have been sitting there for a few days.

5. Continue to blog more, especially once the baby gets here! I don't want to miss anything I have more post than I did last year.

6. Decorate our house! It seems so empty. Not finished, but I did a lot of decorating. Landry's room is done, I did my mantle, we bought living room furniture, we got a guest bed and Joel made a headboard for it, and we got a table for the formal dining room.

7. Exercise Off and on

8. Pay off debt Yes... We have about $28K till we are debt free (except for the house)!!

9. Come up with a chore calendar for all the chores that don't get done very often. There's always one that I forget is on the list!

10. Develop traditions for our little family (soon to be 3). Slowly but surely!

I have done a lot better on these than I thought! Check back tomorrow for 2013's goals!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Playing Catch Up

I have been MIA for awhile. It started when Joel was working on finals for his MBA and took our one computer hostage. I got a little overwhelmed being so far behind, but I took the time tonight to get caught up. Here's what we've been up to since Thanksgiving (yeah, I'm that far behind).

One loan at a time

Well, Joel and I have been slowly but surely paying off all of our debt. The process is taking us longer than we would have liked... but we aren't giving up. We have been following the Dave Ramsey plan and paying off loans from smallest to largest. With one exception... Joel's car. Back in March we traded down (you can read about it here). Because it was an auto loan for such a small amount the interest rate was pretty high, so we decided to pay it off next.

Well, WE DID!! We paid off Joel's car this month. Seriously, it feels to good!

I should be back in February with another loan paid off.

We also had another huge blessing! I mean HUGE!! An anonymous donor paid off all of Joel's loans! I cried when I found out, it is just more blessing than I can handle. So now the debt snowball is really rolling!

Our goal is to be debt free (except for the house) at the end of the year. We are putting Landry is a MDO program 3 days a week though, so it might take a little bit longer. So be looking for lots of debt payoff post in 2013!

8 down, 5 to go!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day

After opening gifts just the 3 of us, we headed down the road to my parents house. We had my grandma's famous sausage rolls waiting for us! YUM! Landry started getting the hang of ripping up paper.

Landry got my dad this shirt, he cried. I totally didn't expect that.

It says "My Poppy is better than yours"

Landry got his first musical instrument from his favorite music teacher, Aunt B.

He got a football, basketball, soccer ball, some books, clothes, and bath toys!

Aunt Emi got this bib for Landry, but she's not single anymore... So Aunt B gave it to him! It's huge, it can hold so much drool!!! We love it!

We then headed back to our house to finish up the day with Taco Salad!

{Uncle Mark makes the best salsa!}

Our Little Christmas

This truly was the best Christmas. It was so much fun to have our very own little family. And I think each year is only going to get better as Landry grows up.

Landry had a late night on Christmas Eve, so we slept until 8:30. I was so anxious! I told Joel we should get up and do our stocking before Landry woke up and then when we can focus on him once he wakes up. Wouldn't you know as soon as we started he woke up.

(Two of the boxes in the back are gifts from grandparents that we threw in there to make it look fuller)

Joel checking out his stocking

He didn't know what to do.

Leo even got a stocking!

Landry had a little leak, so we had to change outfits. Daddy helped Landry open his first gift.

He only wanted to eat the paper.

And then daddy read the book with him.

Joel and I opened our gifts, not interesting enough to post pictures. It was fun to have Christmas in our house for the first time. I look forward to many Christmases to come.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Landry's first snow!

On Christmas day we experience snow in Texas! In case you don't know I love snow. Seriously, I used to pray all winter long that we would have snow! There is something magical about snow! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE snow. And to have it on Christmas just made it 10 times better.

I had heard there was a chance of snow, but I didn't let myself get excited about it because I didn't want to be disappointed. So when it started snowing I was afraid it would stop. Landry had just woken up from a nap so we bundled him up and took him outside to see it.

See how excited mommy is about it...

I think he was a little confused about what was going on. So we went back inside to warm up. The snow, however, kept coming!! After opening up all of our gifts and had eaten dinner we headed back outside. This time there was enough on the ground for Landry to sit in it.

I don't think he understands just how cool it is that he got snow on his first Christmas, but someday he will!

(PS- sorry about the blue photos, I had a filter on the camera and didn't know they were like that until I was downloading them. Any suggestions on how to fix it?)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve {Part 2}

Every year my mom's side of the family gets together on Christmas Eve to celebrate. When I say everyone, I mean it! My great-grandma (Granny), all of her kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, and great-great grandkids. It's always great to see everyone.

{Me and Granny}

{Landry and Granny}

{The girls}

{Cousin David, he loves babies and babies love him!}

Our family of three

We did a white elephant gift exchange. Some of the gifts aren't really funny, its the person that opens it that makes it so great. (ie My cousin Matthew)

And of course we had to get a cousin picture!

And just for fun...

It was a late night, but Landry did great!

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve started bright and early at 8 am. (We were up earlier than that though).

We started with a Skype Christmas with Joel's family. Sadly, I complete forgot to get pictures! But here is a cute one (ok, two) of Landry playing with one of his toys.

Later that day we headed to Christmas Eve service at my parents church.

My dad insisted on taking Landry up front for the children's story. Too bad he sat in the middle and mom couldn't get a good picture.

It was so nice to be reminded of what the season is all about. It really is about so much more than presents, its all about the Savior coming to Earth to save us all. then we headed to my cousin Toni's house for a HUGE celebration (check out part 2).