Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why my husband is the best!

As most of you know Joel and I live in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment. When I say tiny I mean it, it's only 540 sq ft. We are trying to save money in order to pay off our student loans. (That's a different story, back to the reason I am writing this). We decided this year that there was not enough room to put our Christmas tree up; hence, the reason for Christmas Corner. I have really been wanting to put it up because I missed it. However, I haven't complained to Joel, my mom maybe, but not Joel. So today when I walked in from work my tree was up!! The furniture was stacked in the corner in order for us to have room,, but I don't care!

This what I saw when I walked in

And this is what was on the couch

The note said 'Have fun decorating the rest! I love you!!'

I know most of you probably don't care about this, but for me it was very special! Action must be my husbands love language because he loves doing things for me.

And now you know why my husband is the best!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

White Rock Marathon (or not)

So last year I secretly made it my New Years resolution to run the White Rock half or full marathon. I say secretly because I didn't tell anyone. I keeping my resolutions and I didn't think I would keep this one, so I didn't tell anyone. If know one knew it was my resolution, then know one would know if I didn't keep it.

I had completely forgotten about it until July. In July our church announced that a group of people were going to run this years White Rock to raise money for World Vision. So I decided (with a little help from friends) that I would join the group too. I knew there was no way that I could complete a marathon, so I opted for the half.

I started off doing great, I was running/walking 3 or 4 times a week. But that didn't last... sad to say I quickly fell off the band wagon. However, I had already paid to run, so I was going to give it my best effort. So without any training at all on December 5th I attempted my first half marathon. I did much better than I expected, and was able to make it to mile 6.5 (when you start as far back I did though it was more like mile 7).

I am disappoint in myself that I didn't stay with my training and complete the race. Especially when I think about the fact that I was running for people who don't have clean drinking water, something that I take for granted every day.

To be perfectly honest I absolutely HATE running. I don't see how people enjoy it. The whole time I was in the race I kept thinking 'how do people like this?' or 'how is this fun?'. I vowed never to run in a race again. However, after giving myself a week to think about it... I am really mad that I didn't finish. I don't like not finishing what I started. So while I absolutely hate it, I just might have to try it again. I want to be able to say that I have complete a half marathon. So who knows, but if I can go 6.5 miles without any training at all... It kind of makes me wonder what I can do with a little bit of effort.

Joel wasn't able to get a picture of me, but here is a picture of the race. I'm sure I'm back there somewhere.

Have you ever completed a marathon or half marathon? I would love to hear about your experiences.

The one with trash

I absolutely love everything about Christmas. The music, the lights, the smells, the cold weather, I mean everything. But there is one thing I love the most. TRASH. Trash is a special trail mix that my family (my grandma and mom) makes only at Christmas time. I absolutely LOVE it. Several years in the past I have made myself sick eating too much of it at once. Please enjoy some pictures of us making it. 

I did not take picture of all the ingredients, it wouldn't be special if you all knew the recipe. 

christmas tradition

My mom mixing away

mom in kitchen


before going in the oven

 My batch, I don't like all of the nuts in mine.

nut free

Thanks Mom and Grandma for making trash again this year! Now I am all set bring on Christmas!

*In my house we eat all of the trash, but if your family won't eat it all it makes a great gift. You can put it in little Christmas containers and give them away to friends!!

ABF Christmas Party

This past Wednesday our ABF had our annual Christmas party. We had such a fabulous time, lots of good food, funny presents, and great friends. The night started with with mingling and eating. So many recipes I need to get.

Some of the girls, apparently we like purple. Julie, Me, Alicia, Michelle, Tammy, Julie, and Katy

Trying to gather everyone into the living room to for our white elephant gift exchange.


The gifts

The Hare's ended up with a great Santa hat. I wish I had gotten a picture of Jenny's face when she opened up this gift.  As you can tell the gifts were lots of fun!

Joel's first gift (look at Johnathan's face in the background, I think that says it all)

Tammy with her finger lights. She has an amazing ability to pick out the best gifts. Her gifts got stolen more than anyone else.

My gift, they may look inspirational, but they are not really they are messages of despair.

Joel's second and final gift. I think we are actually going to give it to my dad as a present in addition to what we already bought him. He will love all this cooking stuff.

Both of us with our gifts. I think that we did pretty good.

After everyone had played the game and opened their gifts, we walked down the street to see the coolest Christmas lights ever!! I have seen videos on Youtube, but I have never seen them in real life. Down the street from the Link's home there are two houses that have set lights to music. They are across the street from each other so its almost like they are dueling except that they are set to the same music.

Thanks so much Matt and Katy Link for hosting the party at your house! Joel and I both had a great time.