Friday, June 11, 2010

Chris and Krista's Wedding

On May 22, 2010 my best friend from high school got married. She was an absolute beautiful bride!! Krista has been awaiting my review of her wedding, and I give it two thumbs up, five stars, wedding of the year, ect. And not because the spinage dip was the best I have ever had or because it rained (they say its good luck), but because my friend was the happiest I have ever seen her.

Chris and Krista I wish you guys the best. I know you will make each other happy for the rest of your lives! And I am so glad to see another friend get married!

Me with the beautiful bride.

My sister and I at our table.

Me with another friend from high school (middle school and college for that matter too) named Emily.

Sorry the picture quality is so bad. these were all taken with my iPhone. I thought I forgot my camera, but on the way home I found my camera in my purse... go figure.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cowboys Stadium

So if you read Facebook,

then you know that Joel and I went and toured the new Cowboy Stadium. They are absolutely our favorite team and we had a blast.

Us with Tom Laundry's statue.

We began our tour in the Dallas Cowboy Proshop, where we picked up our tickets. Then they lead us upstairs (only to go down the same amount of stairs) and then in to the stadium. And this is the view we saw as we walked out.

Joel had to sit and see how it felt. Then we went down on to the field, there were a bunch of elementary school students on a field trip, so we decided to go checkout the Cowboy locker room and come back to the field later.

Can you tell who Joel's favorite player is? Offensive lockers were on one side of the room and deffensive players were on the other. This is Tony Romo, Jason Witten, and Miles Austin's lockers.

And like I said deffence was on the other side. My favorite (or at least one of them) player D. WARE!! While we were in the locker room, we met up with one of the groups that had a tour guide, so we joined up with them (I don't think we were supposed to, but we did). We got to see the Miller Light Club where the Cowboys run through screaming fans to get on the field. It was so cool. The tour guide even pretended like he was one of the players and ran through it for us.

Did you know?... Before the Cowboys ever walk on any of the new turf, they walk on turf from the old Texas Stadium first for good luck. I thought that was an interesting piece of information. After that we went on to the field to have some fun.

Joel would have had a lot more fun with his brothers there to throw the ball with, but I had to do. He also would have had more fun without a cast on his hand.

After playing on the field for a while we decided to go check out the cheerleaders locker room. There were way to many mirrors for my liking, so I only took a picture of the outside.

After hanging out at the stadium for a few hours we thought why not stay in Arlington and check out the Rangers game that night. So we got lunch at Chic-fil-a, and then went to the game.

Sorry there are alot of pictures of Joel, I don't like any of the pictures of me from this day.