Thursday, February 18, 2010


Must be sensitive, honest, understanding, and caring.

Must have a good relationship with the Lord and be of high moral character.

Must be strong for carrying overloaded luggage and must be brave in order to provide protection from bugs and rodents.

Must have a working knowledge of the art of giving compliments and must know a good place to buy flowers.

Most importantly, must possess large amount of love to be given freely and often.

When my friends ask me how I found a wonderful guy like you I just smile...

and thank the Lord again for giving me you!

Joel, thank you for being so wonderful! I love you! Happy Valentines Day!

The Beauty of Snow

This post is nothing but pictures of snow, and how pretty and pure it makes everything.








Snowman building 101

First you roll a ball of snow.


You cover it with pretty white snow, so you can't see the grass. Then you roll a second ball of snow to be the middle of the snowman.


But don't build so big that you can't lift it like we did. Cause then you just have to build the ball on top the snowman.


And you leave the puppy inside to watch so he doesn't get in the way, or pee on the snowman.

Then you build the ball that is to be the head of the snowman. Then you find someone really really tall and strong to help you put the ball on the top. We used my Uncle Tommy who is 6'5".

Then you get out the ladder and perfect the snowman.
Then you go around the house and find things to be the mouth, eyes, arms, ect. Put them on your snowman and you are finished.

Record Snow fall

With the most snow in 111 years (12.5 inches) you better believe Joel and I had fun playing in the snow. Here are some pictures of the two of us.





We also had lots of fun with my family. 
'Charlies Angels' snow style.
We also attempted to go tubing... it was really hard 1. because we couldn't find a steep hill and 2. because our tube broke.




Over the two days that we had snow, we had tons of fun!! We all acted like we were 8 again! Thank you God for allowing it to snow so much!

Leo's first time in the snow

On Thursday February 11, 2010 we had lots of snow. My dad woke me up with a phone call at 6:22 in the morning! It was so awesome, but I went back to sleep. The second time I woke up it was still snowing and there was way more on the ground!

Joel and I were so excited because Leo had never seen this much snow before. We really wanted to see what he would do. If you would like to see what he did, click here.

Also here are some pictures of Leo in the snow. He liked to stick his face in it, and then when he would look up at us he would have snow all over his face, he looked like he had a beard.


The picture below is from Friday after it had snowed all night long. When Leo originally stepped in the snow it was up to his back, and he was lifting his head as high as it would go. This is kinda an in the hair shot.