Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Best Friends

Joel and I have been friends with Erin since freshman year of college. In August of 2008 she began dating Jordan and he and Joel became instant friends. They are such an amazing couple to hang out with and we always have tons of fun and laughs with them.

We had not seen them since we graduated back in May. So when they were in Flower Mound for Christmas you better believe we were there. Joel, Leo and I took a mini roadtrip to see them. And Leo was so happy to see Uncle Jordan and Aunt Erin.

We love to play games with them usually guys vs girls.


After our lovely mini roadtrip to see them, the next Sunday we were back for their ENGAGEMENT!!! Congratulations Erin and Jordan. We are so happy for guys and can't wait to be apart of your married life too.


Dallas Stars Game

On December 21, 2009 we all went as a family to the Dallas Stars game. My mom and dad got 8 free tickets so we all went and had a great time even though the stars lost. We all rode the dart which is the cheapest and fastest way to get there. And we sang the whole way there. Breanne made up this game where you sing a song and you stop anywhere you want in the song. Whatever word you stop on, you have to think of another song that has that word in the first line. It is so much fun to play, and the whole train listened to us play.




I have never been to a game before, but I have watched them on TV. The Stars lost 4-2 which is worse than it actually was. We had an empty net with 2 minutes left, and we scored on ourselves. So the score really should have been 3-2.

After the game, we were on our way down the escalator when it suddenly came to a stop. It jolted all of us, but my mom stumbled and tore her MCL. So the game was all one big adventure.



Monday, January 11, 2010

After the March

After we marched we spent the next three days sight seeing around Washington. There is SOOOOO much to see there that we didn't even cover half of it, but we covered all the BIG places.

Saturday evening: After the march, although we were all very tired, we knew we only had a few days there, so we went and saw Iwo Jima. It was right down the street from our hotel.

Jesse, Joel, Daniel, and Benjamin

The view from Iwo Jima was amazing.

Sunday:On Sunday, we went and walked around all of the Smithsonian Museums. Boy, is there a lot to see!! I never realized how much. We walked around, but we only saw the thing that we absolutely wanted to see.

Dorothy's shoes




After a long day of walking, we did more walking. We went and walked around all of the monuments at night.





Monday: On Monday we went to the Holocaust Museum. I left feeling sick at my stomach, but also so blessed for all of the things and freedom that I have. It reminded me all over again why we were marching on Washington... to stop big government!

After that we went and saw Bureau of Printing and Engraving, which is where they make all of the money. And believe me you are not allowed to have a camera in there. So here are some pictures of us in the gift shop.


 He was so sick of me taking pictures!! 

Tuesday: While waiting to go on our tour of the Capitol, I got to hang out in a Senators Chief of Staff's office. This was me pretending to be an important person.

 Then we went on our tour of the Capital. It was so cool to see and hear about all of that history!!

And the coolest part of the day... We got to eat lunch in the Senate lunch room! Only Senators and their Chiefs of Staff and their guest can eat in there! You aren't allowed to have cameras in that room (cause they don't want you harassing the Senators you know), so we took a group picture right outside the room.

You have to wear a suit and tie to be able to go into the lunch room. You can't tell from the picture, but Joel's tie doesn't match. He forgot to bring his tie, he brought everything else. So we had to borrow one that they had on hand... And it was pretty much from the 80s.

And then we began the long trip home. After so much walking in so few days, we were all very tired.